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The LIKRA plants produce compound feed, concentrates, mineral feed and high-percentage premixes. LIKRA is therefore an important partner in agriculture and with its products and services it supports LIKRA partners and customers positively in their employment.

LIKRA sees itself as part of food production, so the safety and quality of the products have top priority. In order to achieve these high quality requirements, the company undergoes a large number of voluntary certifications.

The basis of high product quality is the quality of the raw materials. Therefore, all raw materials are subject to internal quality control in the in-house laboratory as well as additional external controls in accredited laboratories.

All production steps are electronically controlled and are fully documented, which guarantees continuous traceability.


To ensure quality, LIKRA is certified according to the standards of QS. Quality scheme for food.

Furthermore, LIKRA is entitled to deliver within the framework of pastus + AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich and GMP+ International. This is also the prerequisite for the use of the "AMA-Gütesiegel" by farmers.

A valid certificate from an accredited inspection body is required to list feed that is suitable for the production of GMO-free food. The current listing of LIKRA products for GMO-free feeding can be found on the InfoXgen homepage.

Only feed that is listed by a domestic BIO AUSTRIA-certified feed manufacturer in the Austrian operating materials catalog and is identified there as BIO AUSTRIA-certified may be offered as organic compound feed. The current organic listing of LIKRA products can be found on the InfoXgen homepage.

what we offer

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Likra offers nutrient, toxin and sieve size analyzes of forage (silage, hay), grain, protein feed and finished feed in the company's own laboratory or with network partners. This enables an unadulterated assessment of the feed quality and further advice and ration calculation or recipe design.

Key figures and performance data are available to many farms, but the correct interpretation with regard to feeding often requires the support of experts. The Likra feeding specialists help with the assessment of the performance data of individual animals, groups of animals or offer an individual operating concept.

The correct use of Likra products is advised and checked by the Likra specialists. In addition, “thinking outside the box” is an invaluable advantage that Likra offers its customers: A network of specialists (product managers, veterinarians, consultants for air conditioning and stable construction) is available if necessary to help with various problems.

Likra offers further analyzes of ruminants with special equipment. Both the feed structure in TMR rations and the effectiveness of nutrient digestion can be checked by means of washing and sieving analysis of the manure. This enables conclusions to be drawn about the ration eaten and any necessary corrections.

An adapted and precise feeding recommendation is the basis for economic success for compound feed plants as well as for farmers and large farms. Knowledge of the correct use of raw materials and their effects on animals, as well as an overview of the available product options, are the key for the Likra feeding specialists to calculate appropriate rations or recipes.

Well-founded training is the basis, ongoing training is an absolute necessity! This not only affects Likra employees, but also Likra sales partners and their customers. Seminars, specialist events, company visits and excursions are available to deepen your own knowledge!