We have expanded our range, now it includes also boilies and hook baits in various attractive colors.

New in the range are Feeder Match Waver and Hook Baits Sinker in Ø 6 mm in the colors pink, blue and yellow. Furthermore, we now also offer sinking Ø 12 mm Monster baits in orange and Ø 20 mm Boilie Bag Squid. The new fishing range is completed by Ø 12 mm Pop up Wonderfruit Baits in fluoro pink. An ideal solution for every type of water for a successful fishing day!

Our technical manager and quality officer, Mr. Groiss, is a passionate fisherman in his spare time. Recently he was extremely successful with LIKRA fishing lures! Within a few hours he had a total of 12 carp (between 7 and 17 kg) and 2 sturgeon (about 5-6 kg each) on the hook.

This is what he used:

Big-Fish Monster - the ideal bait for feeder and match fishing
Big-Fish Premium Feeder Mix - the particularly tasty fish feed mix!

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Have you heard?

Our feed supplements for alpacas now have a coarse crumbly structure! Alpacas like to eat the crumbs and are even better tolerated than larger pellets.

In addition, the recipe of the mineral supplement Likra ALPA-Fit has been adapted and now better meets the demands of alpacas in terms of trace element supply.

Convince yourself of the products from the Likra ALPA Selektion!

Reheating in dairy cattle rations reduces the feed intake, lowers the nutrient content and increases the risk of illness. 

At temperatures above approx. 20 ° C and high air humidity, the oxygen which is stired into the feed ration by mixing, can lead to an explosive increase in the natural stock of microorganisms, especially yeasts.

LIKRA TMR-Stabil is a combination of highly effective preservation acids in powder form.
The mix of potassium sorbate, sodium formate and calcium propionate effectively prevents mold and yeast growth in mixed rations.

The aim is to inhibit the growth of the microorganism’s right from the start and to ensure the initial quality of the feed.

- less reheating in the mixed feed
- reduced energy and nutrient losses
- stimulation of feed intake
- serving of rations more flexibly
- comfortable and easy to use, not corrosive!

Recommended use of LIKRA TMR-Stabil:
Mixed feed
1 – 2 kg/t fresh-mass

More information on this topic you find here

When using the farm's own concentrate mixes, LIKRA TMR-Stabil can be mixed in during the grinding process. Thereby the activity of the microorganisms is also reduced in the concentrate feed.

The largest and most variable cost item in cattle production is the feed.

The current market situation of the extreme price jumps for all agricultural raw materials has further aggravated the situation and requires a further development of the feeding strategy.

Enormous costs can be saved through optimized feed rations. The digestibility and quality of the used components, as well as a high feed intake, play a decisive role, especially in the case of rations that are precisely tailored to the performance requirement.

For this reason, Likra has developed the new product line "Pansen Fit" - products based on the latest scientific findings to ensure the profitability of your cattle herd even in difficult market situations.

This innovative product line guarantees through the use of slowly available urea a constant protein supply at the highest level of performance, while at the same time being optimally tolerated.

Convince yourself of the products from the LIKRA Pansen Fit line.

Limukra Pansen Fit
Sojamix 40 Pansen Fit

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

BreCalSan has an enormously high active surface for binding moisture and reducing odor. It keeps claws, teats and udders dry and clean.

Especially in calf pens, where we are confronted with an increased bacterial pressure, BreCalSan provides an optimal basis for calf rearing due to its hygienic and drying effect.

Optimum hygienic conditions

  • Lower cell counts
  • Prevents mastitis
  • Less calf diarrhoea
  • Lower bacterial pressure

Improved barn climate

  • Vital animals
  • Exploiting the full performance potential
  • Especially for calves with their sensitive respiratory organs
  • Increases the fluidity of slurry

Dry laying and running areas

  • Clean udders and teats
  • Reduced slipping risk
  • Improved claw health
  • Combats flies and other pests

Use biocides safely. Always observe the labeling and product information before use.

LIKRA-Max Amin 9,5%

With a very high content of 5 essential amino acids, the product enables you to create protein-reduced rations even at a high level of weight gain. The ideal proportion of the key amino acid tryptophan supports the hormones that promote appetite. Of course, the high amino acid content supports muscle meat formation and thus increases the meat set.


LIKRA is now represented in the social networks!

Dalibor Vrcek from Varazdin is a fan of Austria: in addition to highquality breeding pig genetics from Austria (Styriabrid), he has sworn by LIKRA feed for almost 15 years.

The company is now preparing its next expansion step with 120 breeding pigs. Vrcek goes into direct marketing and already has slaughtering, cutting and cooling facilities under construction. The completion is planned in a few weeks, then pork products from his house will also be received by larger catering establishments and butcher shops. The fattening pigs are fed with Likra-San products, which are based on plants and optimize the digestive processes and thereby improve the feed efficiency. In times like these with high soy prices, protein-reduced rations quickly pay for themselves!

Vrcek is enthusiastic about the lean meat yield with 61% MFA, and the excellent care by Likra premiksi (Mr. Dalibor Cok) is an important argument for the long-term partnership for the ongoing optimization of the feeding for Vrcek. We wish the Vrcek family all the best!

On June 22nd and June 29th, students from HLBLA St. Florian and HBLA Elmberg visited LIKRA Tierernährung. Mr. Werner Mayrhofer and Mr. Michael Radler from the LIKRA product department presented the LIKRA with an interesting lecture.

Afterwards, the visitors were able to get an idea of the operation on a tour of the plant.

With promotional items in their luggage the students set off their journey.

LIKRA-Max Amin 11%

A top product for pig fattening with 11% lysine, the remaining 4 amino acids are optimally tailored to requirements. This product can also boast the advantages of a high tryptophan content (inhibits infection, promotes appetite), the meat set remains at a high level despite maximum soy reduction. In addition, a high content of vitamin E supports the vitality of the fattening animals and effectively reduces stress.


Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Co. have become indispensable as information platforms.
That's why we decided to create a Facebook and an Instagram page.

There you can find current information about the products, LIKRA innovations as well as interesting facts about us and our company.

Well advised
Better informed
Preferably LIKRA

Facebook  &  Instagram

Raw material acceptance:
• Entry ban for suppliers of company premises
• Acceptance staff must approach suppliers on the factory premises
  - Wearing gloves and masks is compulsory
• Delivery papers are collected in a letter tray in the reception for at least 24 hours and then passed on
• Samples are taken exclusively by acceptance staff
• Planning of general cargo trucks has to be done by the respective truck driver
  The driver must be in the driver's cab during unloading.

Delivery of goods:
• Truck drivers are not allowed to enter the control room
• Delivery papers are made available in a paper chute outside the control room
• Proof of cleaning must be completed by the shipper
• The loading and unloading of general cargo - trucks must be carried out by the respective truck driver. The truck driver must be in the cab during loading.

We ask all suppliers and customers to support the implementation of these measures!

Extraordinary situations like the current one require special measures and we ask that you absolutely adhere to them!