New Products

in the well-known "Pansen Fit" product line

The largest and most variable cost item in cattle production is the feed.

The current market situation of the extreme price jumps for all agricultural raw materials has further aggravated the situation and requires a further development of the feeding strategy.

Enormous costs can be saved through optimized feed rations. The digestibility and quality of the used components, as well as a high feed intake, play a decisive role, especially in the case of rations that are precisely tailored to the performance requirement.

For this reason, Likra has developed the new product line "Pansen Fit" - products based on the latest scientific findings to ensure the profitability of your cattle herd even in difficult market situations.

This innovative product line guarantees through the use of slowly available urea a constant protein supply at the highest level of performance, while at the same time being optimally tolerated.

Convince yourself of the products from the LIKRA Pansen Fit line.

Limukra Pansen Fit
Sojamix 40 Pansen Fit

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