for reduced soy rations

new product line

LIKRA-Max Amin 9,5%

With a very high content of 5 essential amino acids, the product enables you to create protein-reduced rations even at a high level of weight gain. The ideal proportion of the key amino acid tryptophan supports the hormones that promote appetite. Of course, the high amino acid content supports muscle meat formation and thus increases the meat set.


LIKRA-Max Amin 11%

A top product for pig fattening with 11% lysine, the remaining 4 amino acids are optimally tailored to requirements. This product can also boast the advantages of a high tryptophan content (inhibits infection, promotes appetite), the meat set remains at a high level despite maximum soy reduction. In addition, a high content of vitamin E supports the vitality of the fattening animals and effectively reduces stress.