Hygiene in the barn


In cattle farming the highest achievements are only possible under optimal conditions.
In the running and laying areas, the hygienic conditions play a central role. Suppressing the pathogenic germs and binding the moisture are the main purposes.

BreCalSan, an innovation of LIKRA, optimally fullfills these requirements. BreCalSan is a hygienic product based on finely ground limestones.

The optimal pH-value for bacterial pathogens is between 3,5 – 9,0. In order to suppress the growth and multiplication of these pathogenic germs, it is necessary to keep the pH permanently above 9,0, especially on the laying areas. The use of BreCalSan guarantees an exceptionally good hygiene effect due to the persistently high pH value of more than 12,0.

BreCalSan has an enormously high active surface for binding moisture and reducing odor. It keeps claws, teats and udders dry and clean.

Especially in calf pens, where we are confronted with an increased bacterial pressure, BreCalSan provides an optimal basis for calf rearing due to its hygienic and drying effect.

Optimum hygienic conditions

  • Lower cell counts
  • Prevents mastitis
  • Less calf diarrhoea
  • Lower bacterial pressure

Improved barn climate

  • Vital animals
  • Exploiting the full performance potential
  • Especially for calves with their sensitive respiratory organs
  • Increases the fluidity of slurry

Dry laying and running areas

  • Clean udders and teats
  • Reduced slipping risk
  • Improved claw health
  • Combats flies and other pests

Use biocides safely. Always observe the labeling and product information before use.