successfull feeding

A visit to one
top pig farmer in Croatia!

Dalibor Vrcek from Varazdin is a fan of Austria: in addition to highquality breeding pig genetics from Austria (Styriabrid), he has sworn by LIKRA feed for almost 15 years.

The company is now preparing its next expansion step with 120 breeding pigs. Vrcek goes into direct marketing and already has slaughtering, cutting and cooling facilities under construction. The completion is planned in a few weeks, then pork products from his house will also be received by larger catering establishments and butcher shops. The fattening pigs are fed with Likra-San products, which are based on plants and optimize the digestive processes and thereby improve the feed efficiency. In times like these with high soy prices, protein-reduced rations quickly pay for themselves!

Vrcek is enthusiastic about the lean meat yield with 61% MFA, and the excellent care by Likra premiksi (Mr. Dalibor Cok) is an important argument for the long-term partnership for the ongoing optimization of the feeding for Vrcek. We wish the Vrcek family all the best!